I spent 2 hours with Greg in a 1:1 session and saw instant results. We focused on cornering and berms, and I had no idea that just a few small changes to my body and arm position could produce such a dramatic increase in speed both into and out of the corners. I would highly recommend Greg’s coaching to anyone who is interested in improving, no matter what your current skill level. Can’t wait to put his excellent advice into practice during the upcoming race season! Jason Cooper

‘After 3 years of self taught riding, I thought it would be a good idea to get some professional coaching to remove some bad habits I’d picked up. I completed 2 lessons with Greg, and I really wish I’d done it sooner. Greg is is an excellent instructor with loads of experience and even more patience. I took so much away from my lessons with him, I can’t wait to hit my local trails again. I can’t recommend him enough. He has given me so much confidence and guidance with my riding in such a short space of time. If you’ve ever contemplated professional coaching, whatever your level of riding, you won’t regret investing in Greg’s services’. Tim Turvey

‘After contemplating MTB lessons for a while I finally bit the bullet and decided upon 2 x 1 on 1 lessons with Greg. I can honestly say that my expectations were far exceeded, and that I had two of the most enjoyable days riding that I have ever had. Greg is a complete professional whose knowledge, attention to detail and ability to analyse riders strengths and weaknesses is second to none. If you have had any thoughts of getting MTB lessons, no matter what your level of ability might be, just do it. You will not regret it.’
Darren Dickson

‘3 of us traveled from Toowoomba for a lesson with Greg, and it was time well spent. So much in life is underwhelming, but Greg exceeded all our expectations. He is knowledgeable, passionate and encouraging. We were surprised how quickly our confidence grew during the session. I wish I had this lesson earlier, before I picked up bad habits! I realized how confused I was with conflicting MTB advice, and Greg cut through it & made it crystal clear’. Keir Mcilmoyle

‘After a couple of years of riding on a few tracks here and there, I found I wasn’t progressing. After 2 sessions with Greg I gained everything I was hoping to plus more! Fundamental basic skills, bike and track knowledge. His teaching style made it easy to pick up the techniques and now instead of worrying about bigger drop offs and technical tracks I’m very keen to give them a go!’ Kate Bradley

‘Loved your lesson and by the end of it I could see the immediate benefits to my confidence. It also inspired me to build my own pump track – true! Can’t wait for the next lesson’. Gavin Grahame

‘I took up mountain biking a few years ago, since then I reached a plateau in my skill level which was translating into stagnating Strava times and loosing my mates on downhill sections of single track. In a couple of lessons with Greg he addressed some basic problems with my bike setup, reinforced my technical descending skills, fine tuned my cornering technique, and gave me some much better methods for tackling technical climbs. He even managed to teach me to bunny-hop; no small achievement considering his student was a 42 year old bloke on a 29er! As a very personable guy with good teaching abilities, I wouldn’t hesitate recommending Greg to anyone looking to take their MTB skills to the next level.’ Pete MacTaggart

‘After 10 years of passionate mountain biking, having raced many times at many locations across the globe, I finally committed to my bucket listed Rotorua NZ. As a Christmas present, I had the privilege of having 2 hours coaching from Greg in preparation for NZ. In the space of 30 minutes, Greg had provided me with more tips and direction on how to MTB than I had ‘self-learnt’ in the 10 years prior. I ride cross country, but the downhill techniques Greg taught me have had a massive affect on my overall riding skills. I now corner, drop-off and deal with rock-gardens like a seasoned pro (at least in my mind). My trip to Rotorua was amazing – rather than riding on the edge of fear and incompetence down the technical sections, I rode with confidence and speed. My buddies thought I had been secretly training for the trip – but all I did was have a single lesson with Greg.
Greg has also provided my brother a lesson which has turned him from a hack into a passionate mountain biker. Greg is clearly a technical expert, but his ability to pass his skills on to his pupils is what makes the difference. In a simple phrase – if you like MTB, get a bit of coaching from Greg and you will LOVE MTB and get so much more enjoyment as a result.Cheers’, Charles Cornish

‘Greg is great with kids. Don’t know why, but they listen to him. My son, Ash (8 yrs) had just got a new bike and was flying down the bike-paths way too fast. He rode well, but not that well. When I took him to Greg it was because I could see a honorific crash in the near future, and I couldn’t work out how to avoid it. In 2 hours Greg open my son’s eyes to a whole new world. He learnt a lot on the day, and he has kept learning since – working on all the ideas Greg put into his mind. Now, Ash is off and on the bike-track at will, but I worry so much less. It was a fun lesson, I learnt alot myself.’ Anthony Brown

‘I recently had a lesson with Greg and had a fabulous time! Greg is very knowledgeable and had me confidently riding obstacles I would honestly never have thought to be capable of, let alone in just 2 hours! Most impressive was how he snuck the ability up on me, we started so small but when we added all the individual steps together I was amazed at the results, will definitely be having more lessons, I’m excited to see what he’ll be getting me comfortable on next! Thanks Greg!’ Celeste Gibbons

‘Hi Greg,Thank you for the MTB lessons, having come back from a prolonged break your lessons have been invaluable. I have enjoyed your deep understanding of MTB riding and ability to teach and quickly pick areas for improvement. I am now looking forward to building my skills off a solid foundation.’ Robert MacLennon

‘Just wanted to say thanks for the lesson this morning. That was heaps of fun, and I’m very glad I decided to get a lesson straight up to learn some skills, rather than fumble my way through it. There is no way I would have attempted the log that caught me out on my first ride otherwise. I’m looking forward to getting out on some trails to practice now!I’ll be in touch in a few weeks, before the Epic, to organize another lesson’ Damon Johnstone

‘I’ve been enjoying trail riding but was aware that there was a lot of time and fun that I was missing out on purely because of my lack of proper technique. I’ve watched many YouTube videos and seen that more speed could be had through corners and watched many instructional videos but at the end of the day I couldn’t tell if I was doing it right. Enter Greg, after one trail he was aware of what I needed to improve on. He communicates in a very clear way with simple instructions that you can really relate to your body movements. Every moment of my 2 hour lesson was valuable to me. Even days later while reflecting on the lesson I remember more gems of information he gave me and how to utilize them in various situations on the trails.Greg even took the time to contact me after the lesson to provide further tips on what he taught me for in use in a different situation.Thanks for the help Greg!’ Daniel Jenson

‘I have been MTB riding now for just over a year, and in that time I have learnt a lot of new skills. I have mainly been riding by myself, but when I do ride with others they are always faster than me. I find that I am not able to learn or master new skills this way, and therefore my progress is limited.I attended a session with Greg White during Cycle Queensland’s 2014 Bike Week. I found the session very helpful and came away with some handy new tips and techniques that I have been able to put to use on the trails since. Greg was able to cater to the whole group and offer his vast experience to every participant, at their level. I will be booking in for a one-on-one session with Greg in the near future, and I recommend him to anyone at any level who would like to improve their riding.’ Pete Harris

‘I wanted to let you know what a fantastic lesson you gave us! My skill level has gone up several notches, and David and I intend to put into practice all the things you taught us. We were going to go off on our own for a while, and then hope to book you further down the track (so to speak!) for a private lesson. You gave us plenty to be going on with, and I feel very confident. I hadn’t realised how technique plays such a huge role in keeping us safe, and your explanations were very easy to understand. I would recommend that all beginners take your lessons to learn basic techniques, this could make the difference between a fun, safe experience and having an accident! thank you!’ Lemise Kassin

‘I really enjoyed the course this morning. It was pitched at a really good level for beginners so I didn’t feel initimidated in any way. I thought you explained the basics clearly and were very encouraging when I felt I was making progress. I also liked the way you offered other approaches to learning when I was having difficulty getting the hang of a particular techniques. I can see I have a long way to go but now at least I have some basic techniques I can go away and practice.’ Ken Day

‘Thank you for the lesson. I really took a lot out of it and am looking forward to a good practice session this weekend. You’ll be happy to know that I obtained a personal best on Strava for the climb section of Jurassic straight after the lesson. I really focused on the techniques we did and…instant results. Got to love that! My lessons with Greg have been a real insight into the nuances and skills involved in mountain bike riding. My aim was to ride; better, smarter, safer and faster. All boxes were ticked and I had a personal best on my next ride after the first lesson!’ Grant Collins

‘I’ve been mountain biking casually for a few years but have developed bad technique which I wasn’t fully aware of. The first lesson with Greg he identified many of my bad techniques and worked on correcting them, he was extremely patient and took the time to explain what I was doing wrong which helped me a great deal. A mountain bike is not something just to sit on and pedal, to get real value out of a mountain bike it takes skill and technique.Mountain biking for me is now much more enjoyable and obstacles are easier to clear. I can take on more challenging routes and use less energy than when I use to just hop on the bike pedal like hell and hope for the best – for about the 5 minutes my body would let me. I will continue to be coached by Greg as I believe I will always get benefit from it.Watching Greg using his technique is also an inspiration.’ Wayne Boustead

‘I’d just like to thank Greg for a great morning. Much to my wife’s bemusement I asked for MTB lessons for my birthday. After riding for over 8 years she asked if I still didn’t know how to ride yet. The answer was; ‘no, not properly or safely’. I knew there were skills that I still hadn’t mastered and thanks to Greg he showed myself and another long time rider some excellent techniques. We (in one lesson) both went away feeling inspired to conquer new elements of biking and feeling a lot more in control on the downhills and cornering. Thanks again Greg and we’ve both agreed that we will have more lessons in the future.’ Kevin Watson

‘Just wanted to say thanks for this morning Greg, it was great fun and I really enjoyed it! You were very patient and clearly know what your talking about! I think I might have the MTB bug! Debbie Haworth